Top 10 Reasons to Get a Dedicated Server

There are plenty of reasons why you might want to make the move to a dedicated server.  While most people think in terms of space or power, not all reasons revolve around these factors.  Here are 10 of the top reasons you might want to get a full dedicated server.

1. You run a business and need to host your web presence on a secure server that is customized to meet your clients’ needs.

2. You have a very popular blog or media site that has outgrown its shared hosting account and is even too big for a virtual private server (VPS).

3. You are a reseller and want to offer managed servers to your clients

4. You are starting your own web hosting company and hope this will be the first of many dedicated servers you start to host websites.

5. You’re a Linux, BSD, or other Unix geek and just need to have root access and total control over everything.

6. You run a group of non-profit organizations or a single organization with multiple chapters and need several hosting accounts for all of their websites.

7. You want to start an online business and expect it to be huge within a year.

8. You need to run complex web applications that require tools or software that do not come installed on shared hosting accounts.

9. Your web applications require a great deal of RAM or CPU power.

10. You’re starting a gaming server to host massive multiplayer online gameplay and tournaments.

Dedicated Servers