Understanding Reseller Hosting

Now, what on earth is reseller hosting? If that’s your first reaction to this post, you have come to the right place.

This post intends to explain the concept in the simplest of terms. Reseller hosting is really a smart way employed by small hosting companies to host websites. Such a host buys a large amount of space and high bandwidth from a bigger hosting company and goes on to host several websites for other people.

Well, if yours is a small company, this is a great way of doing business, don’t you think? Now, the name of the hosting comes from the fact that you are re-selling space and bandwidth. There are three parties involved in this type of hosting: the hosting company selling web space in bulk, the smaller host who further sells the web space in smaller chunks, and the websites being hosted by the smaller host.

Now, do the end users find any difference between shared and reseller hosting? Actually not. But why would one go for the reseller host when one can go for the bigger hosting company? Well, the bigger companies will give you web space in bulk, something that you don’t need and cannot afford. It makes sense going for a smaller host as per your requirements.

Now, who are these companies who become the re-seller hosts? They are the ones who are starting out as web hosts or expanding their web hosting businesses. End-users who need to host several website also opt for this kind of hosting at times.