Unmetered Dedicated Servers

What is an Unmetered Dedicated Server?

Part of what we pay for when leasing a dedicated server is connectivity to the internet. All major dedicated server providers have multiple network service providers that enable their customers to connect to their servers. In order to manage the cost of network connectivity, customers are usually provided a level of service that is limited in terms of the amount of data transfer they are allowed per month.

An unmetered server is an option to pay for up-link speed rather than data transfer when it comes to your server’s network connection. This option can work better for website owners who have high bandwidth requirements due to large file transfers on their server.

Who Offers Unmetered Dedicated Servers?

Quite a few companies offer unmetered connections, but not all do. Liquidweb is one of our favorite providers, and they actually offer unmetered plans. Simply browse their dedicated server offerings, and choose the server that best fits your needs. Select the “configure” link, and under the “Bandwidth” heading will be options for purchasing an unmetered port.