Web Hosting Day 2009- Celebrate Your Server!

As usual, I was browsing around the Internet and I stumbled across the fact that WebHostingDay 2009 was just held in Germany- it started on Wednesday and ended on Friday. I suppose the title of this post is a little bit of a misnomer- it’s not so much a day to celebrate your server but a conference showing the latest and greatest in server ideas and management(I like to think you should take a day to celebrate your servers anyway- they do right by you, after all!). I found their agenda, however, and it seems to be a really fun environment to enrich your knowledge of web hosting and dedicated servers; they have “thrill rides” and parties in addition to hosting sessions and informative discussions, and all throughout they hold a trade fair where attendees can browse around and look at vendors and solutions as well as chat with other server managers.

I’ll admit I’ve always thought of the server conference crowd as old and stodgy, and it’s pretty nice to see a group that wants to make web hosting fun. Web hosting can be a chore, yes, and sometimes even a nightmare; if you’re not into the tech side of things, I can see where all this stuff might not be your bag of tea. For those of us who enjoy the configuration and maintenance of servers, though, there is a certain level of satisfaction to be gained from tinkering and working with the machines. Call me a geek, a nerd, a what-have-you, but I take quite a bit of joy at seeing well-built setups by yours truly.

They don’t seem to have anything about what they covered at the conference; it’s possible they’re not going to or haven’t gotten any writeups done yet. I’ll check back with them and see if there were any useful speeches or lectures I could post!