Web Hosting Types

The advent of the World Wide Web made people interested in hosting their pages on the web. E-commerce gave way to web hosting of different kinds. Today, there are far too many different types of hosting services available. We’ll look at some of the major ones today.

Free Hosting

Free web hosting lets you publish your website on the Internet for free. And yes, it obviously has its limitations. You do not get a domain name of your choice, you have limited space, and you have to live with limited bandwidth. The service works best for personal websites that are not looking for high performance.

Shared Hosting/Virtual Hosting

This is currently the most used hosting service. In shared hosting, your website shares servers with several others. Large businesses do not find this service beneficial as it has limitations in bandwidth or space. However, this service works out best for small businesses as it is cost-effective.

Dedicated Hosting

In this type of service, a website gets a server dedicated completely to its needs. This lets websites reap optimum benefits of the service.

Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting

In this type of hosting, a website gets virtually partitioned servers. This hosting service works best for websites that are not satisfied with shared hosting but cannot go for dedicated server hosting.

Co-located Hosting

Co-located hosting lets you keep your server at the vendor’s location. This helps you manage the server better.

Managed Hosting

An enhanced model of the dedicated server hosting, the managed server hosting provides support services, thereby relieving companies of the stress of managing their servers.

In one of our future posts, we’ll look at the pros and cons of the hosting types.