Web Services DOs and DON’Ts

Whether you have decided to start your own web hosting company, web design service, cloud-based application service, or any other web offerings, there are certain things you should definitely do to make sure your customers get the most for their money. There are also several pitfalls you should avoid at all costs.

DO tell your customers exactly what they are getting upfront in regards to space, bandwidth, software, etc.
DO keep a record of all customers, past and present
DO check individual accounts to make sure they are running correctly, even if the server as a whole is fine.
DO take customer complaints and support questions seriously and address them as quickly as possible.
DO send notices of price changes or technical dedicated server changes
DO keep regular backups, even if customers have their own backup capabilities

DON’T let easily fixed security problems result in customers’ service interruption
DON’T allow customers to run insecure web applications and scripts
DON’T give users broad-ranging permissions or root access (except with VPS)
DON’T migrate or make sweeping changes without giving customers advanced notice
DON’T promise more power, space, or speed than you can actually deliver.
DON’T compromise security of the server for the sake of one or a few customers’ preferences

Dealing with customers can be tricky, both on the technical side and the business side. It is important to keep open communication with them, find out what their needs are, and balance that with the overall good of the server and/or business.