What A Dedicated Server Offers That A Shared One Cannot

Control –  that’s probably the best word to sum up the benefits of a dedicated server over a shared one. Let’s look at how exactly the dedicated server helps.

You get almost unlimited disk space with dedicated hosting. So, no more worries about storage limitations. Dedicated hosting meets your bandwidth needs adequately as you are no longer sharing resources with other websites.

With dedicated hosting, you are in complete control of security. You are saved from intrusions caused by other websites. Also, you get to be in charge of your server. You can configure it the way you like. So, you now know how a dedicated server gives you control.

Now, do you really need to be in control? When do you need a dedicated server? You don’t necessarily need a dedicated server so let’s look at when you should go for it.

  • When the traffic to your website keeps increasing and becomes too much for the shared server to handle, you need a better solution.
  • When you can no longer live with the downtimes on shared hosting, you need a dedicated server.
  • If you want to host several websites, you need a bigger server.
  • If you want to configure the server and take control of your website the way you like, you can’t live with a shared server.
  • If you need a lot of disk space for your website and your growing needs, you need to go for dedicated server.
  • If you want to install applications of your liking, you need a server that is in your control.
  • If your bandwidth requirements have increased, you need something better than shared hosting.
  • If you want to make your websites more secure, you need a bigger and better server.

You get the point. Don’t go for a dedicated server just because it’s good; don’t wait to get a dedicated server even when you realize you need one.