What Happens in Managed Hosting?

The reason we ask you to go for managed hosting is for the professional management of your server. So, what exactly happens in managed hosting? How does it differ from internal management of the server? Let me explain.

The help starts from the setting up of the server. Managed hosting takes care of setting up and configuring your server. A dedicated server allows you the control of configuring it as per your preferences. With managed hosting, you can delegate the customized configuration to the hosting company and relax.

When you opt for managed hosting, the service provider monitors your server continuously and makes sure that it performs to the fullest. This is something that you cannot always ensure internally. A professional team ensures that there are no hiccups in the functioning of the server. If there is a problem, managed hosting provides quick and efficient troubleshooting.

With professional management of your server, you can be assured that the server’s operating system is updated as and when new updates are available and patches are released. You can also relax when it comes to backups. Managed hosting ensures efficient and fast disaster recovery. Business continuity is the biggest USP of managed server hosting.

Professional management also takes measures to prevent possible threats and attacks on your server. It protects the server with anti-virus software and firewall.

A professional team looks into every aspect of server management and ensures that you get optimum benefits of your server.

Have you experienced managed hosting yet?