What Is A Dedicated Server?

Those who have lived with shared hosting for too long don’t come even close to experiencing dedicated hosting. They get used to the limitations of the shared server and start living with them. The dedicated server becomes important for those organizations whose businesses depend significantly on their servers.

Now, what exactly is a dedicated server? Well, it is a server that’s completely dedicated to your websites and applications. A dedicated server offers greater reliability and high availability. Unlike a shared server, the dedicated one gives you absolute control. It offers you improved performance. You can customize the server your way. This server offers much more security than the shared one.

Now, isn’t the dedicated server expensive? It is definitely costlier than the shared one. However, it need not be beyond your budget. The partners at Dedicated Server School offer server packages starting $80/mo. If you need a dedicated server, drop in your requirements in the dedicated server recommendation form and our team will get back with the right one for you.

Now, how will you find out if you need the dedicated server? Well, you should go for it if your website’s traffic is increasing constantly. If you want to minimize downtimes, you have to go for the dedicated server. You can host several websites only with such a server. A dedicated server lets you configure it the way you like. If you need a lot of disk space for your website, you definitely need the dedicated server.

Make sure you are capable of taking care of the server, either in-house or by professionals.