What is a Semi-Dedicated Server?

Dedication may not be fractional in the human world but in the world of servers, there are fully-dedicated servers and semi-dedicated ones. What is a semi-dedicated server? How can it be partially dedicated to your needs?

A semi-dedicated server is something you don’t own. It’s owned by the hosting company, and you have access and control a part of the server. You are required to share this with other websites. However, unlike the shared server, the semi-dedicated one offers you a better deal: you share it with only 5, 10, or 20 websites. A server is divided into what are called slices. You can go for a big ‘slice’ or small one depending on your needs.

Typically, the organizations that are no longer happy with shared hosting and cannot afford dedicated hosting go for semi-dedicated servers. Since you share resources with very few websites, you experience better performance than what the shared server offered.

The semi-dedicated server definitely turns out to be a much less expensive option than the dedicated one. And you reap benefits similar to that of a fully-dedicated server.

One of the many lucrative factors of going for a semi-dedicated server is its management which is taken care of by the hosting company. Thus, peace of mind is added to your list of benefits.

If you are not sure if you need a fully-dedicated server, going for a semi-dedicated server will acquaint you with your needs. Later, you can decide whether or not you should go for the dedicated server.