What is Colocation Hosting?

The term ‘colocation’ means ‘located at the same place’. It refers to the location of the servers of various organizations at one place, the premises of a hosting company. The server that resides in such a place is called colocation server and this type of hosting is referred to as colocation hosting.

So, what exactly happens in colocation hosting? Is it just about keeping your server in the premises of a hosting company? Well, actually, colocation hosting is a kind of managed hosting. Yeah, since your server is in the host’s premises, it is being taken care of by them. You pay a rent to the company for its space. Sometimes, the hosting company can offer you a server on rent.

Since you don’t have to maintain a data center of your own, you can sit back and enjoy the benefits offered by the hosting company. Colocation hosting provides a highly reliable service. It guarantees high availability of your websites. With colocation hosting, you no longer need to monitor and troubleshoot your server. The hosting company will take care of it. Colocation also ensures high security for the server.

Colocation significantly reduces set-up and maintenance costs of the server. So, if you are looking at doing away with the overhead in terms of management and cost, colocation hosting is a good choice. However, it is important that you choose the hosting company with care. Also, try to make sure that the company is not too far from your own organization’s premises. This way, you can check on the server from time to time.