What Makes Dedicated Servers Rock?

Of course, we will tell you that dedicated servers are good. And we will substantiate our statement with facts. Let’s have a look at them.

  • It gives you absolute control. Dedicated server hosting puts you in charge of all matters related to hosting your website. You can use as much bandwidth and disk space as you need without sharing a bit with any other website.
  • It offers greater reliability and high availability. Network problems such as downtimes, traffic bursts, server errors affect your website miserably if you have opted for shared hosting. With dedicated servers, you can expect reliability in the service and be always available on the web.
  • It helps improve performance. Since you are not sharing your resources with other websites, you can optimize the performance of yours.
  • It is scalable. Depending on what your website needs, dedicated servers make upgrades easy. You can increase the memory or disk space at any time without a glitch.
  • It provides security. In a shared environment, the security measures are not specific to your website and its needs. With dedicated servers, you can ensure a secure environment for your website.
  • It can be customized. Dedicated server hosting allows you to configure the server according to your needs. You can install all the software that you need and use them conveniently.

The dedicated server’s advantages can be experienced best when you move from a shared server to this one. If your websites and web applications are critical to your business, we highly recommend that you get a dedicated server. If you cannot afford one now, get a Virtual Private Server (VPS).