When to Move From Shared Hosting to Dedicated Hosting

Shared hosting has its share of benefits, but it is not for you if your business depends on your websites and web applications. You should move to a dedicated server when you realize that your business ambitions surpass what the shared host has to offer. Following are some scenarios that will tell you if you need to move to dedicated hosting yet.

  • Your website’s traffic is too much for the shared server to handle. This leads to sudden unavailability of your website.
  • You want to minimize downtimes as the website is critical to your business.
  • You want to host several websites but the available resources are limited.
  • You want or need to install applications of your liking for your website.
  • You want to configure the server and take control of your website the way you like.
  • You need a lot of disk space for your website and your growing needs, which the shared hosting service cannot provide.
  • Your bandwidth requirements have increased. You cannot afford slow loading of your web pages.
  • You want to do away with the vulnerabilities of the shared hosting service in terms of security.
  • You want to take charge of the security of your website.

If one or more of the above-mentioned scenarios are true in your case, it’s time. However, you also need to keep in mind the cost of a dedicated server and its management. If you cannot afford the money or the effort to take care of the server on your own, we suggest you go for virtual private server (VPS) hosting for the time being.