Why Colocation Hosting is Good for Businesses

When you realize that it’s time to acquire a dedicated server, the following thoughts come to your minds, most probably, in order: money, management, and maintenance. In almost every post where we mentioned the benefits of the dedicated server, we have said that you must make sure that you will be able to afford not only the cost of the server but also its management. We have recommended outsourcing server management if you cannot handle it on your own.

Now, managed hosting also means investing a lot of money. Also, it doesn’t completely take off the pressure of looking after the server if it is in your organization’s premises. Then, why not put it in someone else’s premises and not worry about it? Of course, I am not asking you to throw out your server. What I suggest is to keep your server in the premises of a hosting company and let them maintain it for you. This is colocation hosting.

Colocation hosting, thus, becomes a kind of managed hosting. You can decide on the level of server management you want. Some hosting companies offer another kind of colocation where they offer you a server on rent.

Collocation hosting helps minimize downtimes and increase availability. The hosting company monitors and troubleshoots the server for you. Also, colocation offers high security for the server as a hosting company’s datacenters are well-equipped for it.

With the colocation model of management, you can reduce set-up and maintenance costs significantly. Since you don’t need to maintain a datacenter of your own, you save costs further.

All this makes colocation a good deal for businesses, taking off the pressure of looking after their servers.