Why cPanel is Popular

Every time we talk about server management at ServerSchool.com, we compare internal management with outsourced management. Irrespective of the kind of server management you go for, you will need a control panel for your server. If you have followed this blog, you know my favorite has always been cPanel. I know you would call me biased but my bias has reasons, well, like every other bias. Give me a chance to explain why I like cPanel.

As a website owner or administrator, what is the most basic thing you want in a web control panel? Ease of use, right?. Now, cPanel’s interface is an intuitive one. It does not require an expert to handle the control panel.

Now, let’s look at cPanel’s functionality and features. This control panel supports a three-tier functional structure. Administrators, resellers and end users are the three tiers of this structure. Now, let’s look at all that cPanel has to offer.

  • The control panel allows easy upload and management of web pages.
  • Web applications such as forums and blogs can be installed conveniently with the help of cPanel.
  • cPanel provides several security features such as virus protection, password protection, and usage restrictions.
  • It is easy to manage e-mail accounts with cPanel.
  • cPAnel also helps you get comprehensive statistical information on your website’s traffic. Now, this is something that is not possible with other control panels.
  • cPanel provides database tools for data management to administrators.
  • cPanel makes it easy for you to back up data.

cPanel proves to be a smart control panel without overwhelming users, thereby becoming a popular choice with all kinds of users.

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