Why Go For a Managed Dedicated E-mail Server?

Do you have one or more e-mail clients open even as you read this post? Checking e-mails has become an everyday ritual for almost all of us. If you got a penny for every time you look at your Inbox, you would become richer than Bill Gates! E-mails are as important as water or air now, especially for businesses. With e-mails being so critical, it is obvious that businesses would like to invest in mail servers that offer them control and convenience.

Now, what actually is a mail server? The term is used both for the software that provide e-mail services and the hardware (the computer) hosting those services. The physical mail server is a server exclusively running the e-mail applications. Now, most businesses will have an in-house mail-server, but more often than not, there isn’t a 24×7 monitoring of the server. Like a dedicated server for your hosting needs, there are dedicated e-mail servers for your mailing needs. And I am referring to the managed e-mail server here.

Now, what will a dedicated e-mail server provide that a non-dedicated cannot? Let me show you the big picture. If yours is a large organization, you will have an exchange of thousands of e-mails at one time. The traffic may become too much for a non-dedicated server. If yours is a growing organization, the traffic will continue to increase. Also, your e-mails may not be able to handle large attachments in the absence of a dedicated server. These points give an idea of why a dedicated e-mal server is important. But why should one go for a managed server?

As we mentioned earlier, a managed server offers continuous monitoring. Managed e-mail server offers high security features beyond anti-virus scans and spam identification. It offers advanced security features including encryption. A managed server also ensures high availability and regular maintenance. We will discuss the e-mail server in detail in our future posts.