Why Go For the Semi-Dedicated Server

Why would you want to go for a semi-dedicated server when you can go for the fully-dedicated one? Well, the semi-dedicated one is for those times when you cannot afford the dedicated one. It is a good choice when you want to switch over from the shared server. Now, didn’t we always say the Virtual Private Server (VPS) was a good stopover option? Yeah, it is. The semi-dedicated server is another choice.

Now, what exactly is a semi-dedicated server? It is a server that doesn’t belong to you. It is owned by the hosting company. Technically, you own a part of the physical server. Yes, you have access and control over a part of the server. What happens is that a physical server is divided into something called slices. You can choose a slice as per your needs. You can go for a big slice if you have too many websites to handle. Like in shared hosting, you share the physical server with other websites but only with a few.

Now, let’s look at how the semi-dedicated server benefits you.  For starters, it offers better performance because you are sharing the server with just a few other websites. The semi-dedicated server is, of course, cost-effective when compared to a dedicated server. With semi-dedicated servers, you have more bandwidth and more disk space at your disposal, letting you install and run more applications. Also, you don’t have to worry about the management of a semi-dedicated server as it is taken care of by the company hosting the server.

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