Why Linux is Well-Suited to Servers

One of my friends recently said, “Call me biased, but I would never go for anything other than Linux for my server.” Yeah, those were the exact words. I know several other people who would argue that Unix or Windows is as much good. However, my friend’s conviction got me thinking. And boy, I found that even I was one of the people ‘biased’ in favor of Linux as a server operating system! Let me tell you why I think this way.

Yeah, being an open-source software makes Linux extremely cost-effective. But that’s not the only reason I like it. I can work with Linux according to my preferences. Yeah, it lets me customize it to an extent no other operating system would.

I think Linux is idea for the server environment. And no, I am not ruling out the advantages of Windows or Unix. Windows has acquired a name in the desktop environment, especially in the corporate world, and Unix is big in the mainframe environment. But if you talk of stability and functionality in the server environment, Linux winds hands-on.

Linux has found many uses in the web hosting world. It is used for hosting web servers, network servers, and web-based applications. Linux serves as a data hub. In fact, it is also used as a recovery hub. It even acts as a central portal. The operating system can be used to host e-mail and VoIP applications too.

I find Linux extremely stable. Linux hosting, I would say, is more secure than Windows hosting.