Why You Need the Dedicated Server

The dedicated server has a promise. And the word ‘dedicated’ brings about the promise of better service. But, do you need the dedicated server? You do if your business is in any way dependent on your server or web presence. Now, let us look at why the emphasis is on owning a dedicated server.

It offers you a highly reliable service and ensures high availability. Network problems such as down times, traffic bursts and server errors affect your website miserably if you have opted for shared hosting.

While availability and reliability win over your heart, they are no good if your server’s performance is not up to your expectations. Dedicated Servers offer improved performance as compared to the shared server. Since you are not sharing your resources with other websites, you can optimize the performance of your server your way.

Now, let’s talk about the resources. The dedicated server offers unlimited, well, almost unlimited resources. The resources are ‘unlimited’ because you are no longer sharing them with other websites. Now that you have much more bandwidth and disk space, you can make optimum use of them. You can customize the server your way. You can install all the software that you need and use them conveniently.

The dedicated server is also scalable. Depending on what your website needs, the server makes upgrades easy. You can increase the memory or disk space at any time without a glitch.

In terms of security, too, the dedicated server is great. In a shared environment, the security measures are not specific to your website and its needs. With dedicated servers, you can ensure a secure environment for your website.

Thus, you’ll need the dedicated server when there is a need for you to be in control of your server.