Worried About the Dedicated Server Cost?

The high cost of the dedicated server often deters organizations from investing in the dedicated server. This is one of the reasons we recommend semi-dedicated hosting or VPS hosting to businesses who can’t afford dedicated hosting yet. However, is the dedicated server really expensive? How much does it cost anyway?

The partners of Dedicated Server School offer server packages starting $80/mo. So, if you are looking for a dedicated server, drop in your requirements in our dedicated server recommendation form and suggestions will be on their way.

Yes, a dedicated server is not cheap, but when you weigh its price against its advantages, you will realize that the price is not unreasonable.

Wondering if you are ready to invest in a dedicated server? Well, if your bandwidth and space requirements are not satisfied by shared hosting, you have to switch to the dedicated server.

If an organization’s websites and web-applications are critical to its business, it cannot live with an unreliable service. As I said, the cost of the dedicated server won’t matter when you look at the returns in the form of availability and business continuity.

If the cost continues to worry you and you cannot live with limited resources, don’t acquire the dedicated server at once; go for one of the stopover options.

When you decide to go for the dedicated server, don’t just look at the money you have to invest but also at whether or not you will be able to manage the server. If you cannot take care of the server, invest in a stopover option for a while.

Worried About the Dedicated Server Cost?