Benefits of Colocation Hosting

Some people I know freak out the moment you mention ‘managed hosting’ to them. Reason? The perceived high cost of outsourcing your server’s management. Well, the truth is that the benefits of managed hosting far outweigh the money invested in it. Still, not many organizations are game for it. And yet, none of them are sure about taking care of their servers. Here’s a solution: go for colocation hosting. And while you enjoy the benefits of colocation hosting, you may become comfortable with the idea of fully-managed hosting.

Colocation hosting is a kind of managed hosting where your server is located in the hosting company premises. How does that help? Well, this way, the hosting company maintains the server for you. You can choose the services you want for your server depending on your budget and the expertise in-house.

Some hosting companies offer a different kind of colocation hosting. In this kind of colocation, they offer you a server on rent.

How exactly does colocation help your business? Let’s find out.

  • Collocation hosting helps minimize downtimes and increase availability.
  • The hosting company that stores your server monitors and troubleshoots it for you.
  • With colocation hosting, you can be assured of high security for your server as the hosting company’s datacenters are well equipped for it.
  • With the colocation model of management, you can reduce set up and maintenance costs significantly.
  • Since you don’t need to maintain a datacenter of your own, you save costs.

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