Data Center Tour Series: LiquidWeb

lw-fac-006LiquidWeb is one of our favorite dedicated server providers for many reasons. We like them so much in fact, that we use them to host the Dedicated Server School website. That being said, their data center’s aren’t anything to shake a stick at.

Tier 1 Premium Bandwidth Providers

LiquidWeb has direct connectivity with AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, Savvis and Level3. This brings their customers blazing fast speed and connectivity around the globe.


2 Datacenters

Data center 1 was built in 2003 and is an 11,000+ sq. ft. facility with capacity to house 2000 servers. Here are some of its technical specifications:

Network Gear
» Cisco GSR 12000 Border Routers
» Cisco 6509 Sup720 Core Network
» Cisco 3550 Distribution Switches

Power System
» 300kva Powerware 9315
» Cummins 313 kVA Diesel Generator
» Kohler 650 kVA Diesel Generator

» Liebert Precision 22 ton up flow air conditioning units

Datacenter2 was built in 2005 and is a massive 32,000+ sq. ft. facility that can house 8,000 servers. Below are some of the technical specifications of data center 2:

Network Gear
» Redundant Fiber Entrance expandable to 1840 Gigabits per second
» Multiple Redundant Gigabit Ethernet links to DC1
» Fully Redundant Cisco 6509 Sup720 Distribution Switches
» Redundant Gigabit Ethernet links to each rack switch
» Cisco 2960 48 Port 10/100 rack switches

Power System
» 2500 kVA utility power feed
» ASCO Closed Transistion Transfer Switch
» Multiple Kohler 1250 kVA Diesel Generators
» Kohler Generator Paralleling Switchgear
» Multiple Powerware 9315 500 kVA UPS
» Liebert PDU Units

» Multiple Liebert 20 and 22 Ton Upflow AC Units

» 24x7x365 manned facility
» Multiple closed circuit tv security cameras, covering all entrances and data center space
» Site entrance controlled by electronic perimeter access card system
» Site remotely monitored by 3rd party security company

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