Hosting Company Profile:

We don’t recommend a lot of web hosting companies, but one we do recommend is

The folks at are friendly and knowledgeable and capable of handling a wide variety of services. Some of the best offerings of the company include:

  • Dedicated servers for Windows and Linux
  • Managed exchange hosting
  • Managed grid hosting
  • Colocation services
  • Support for Plesk and Helm for Windows
  • SQL 2005
  • Fantastico Deluxe
  • DEFCON management
  • A datacenter with an underground bunker cooled by state-of-the-art technology
  • And a lot more

We could write a book about all the services offers, but they are definitely world class when it comes to managed hosting and if you have a need for a dedicated server or complex hosting solutions then there are few companies that can assist you with stellar service like they can.