LayeredTech Offers Layered Managed Hosting

You may have heard that has become LayeredTech. was acquired in 2008. What LayeredTech has achieved by bringing together the infrastructure of the companies is high quality hosting. It offers a five-tier structure of managed services.

I have always mentioned that there are different types of managed services to choose from depending on your needs and budget. LayeredTech’s DEFCON offers just that. Here’s how it describes DEFCON.

From fully managed to unmanaged solutions, the choice is yours with Layered Tech.

  • DEFCON 1 – Fully Managed
    The ultimate in security, monitoring and management, with the highest level of security, full scope management, auto server updates and full monitoring
  • DEFCON 2 – Managed
    High levels of security, management, auto server updates and server monitoring
  • DEFCON 3 – Semi-Managed
    Medium levels of management, auto server updates and server monitoring
  • DEFCON 4 – Self-Managed
    Normal management and security measures
  • DEFCON 5 – Unmanaged
    Little or no involvement from the Layered Tech support team.

Getting professionals to manage your server is your best bet when you are looking for good service and support. And it takes away from your hassles of server management. With a service like DEFCON, you get to pick what you want.

Many organizations wonder if managed hosting is good. It most definitely is, if you ask me, even for the fees that the hosting company charges you. Managed hosting not only lets you focus on your core business but it also helps you reap the maximum benefits of your server.