How to Choose a Hosting Company

When you are on the lookout for a hosting solution, you want a hosting company that can guarantee quality service on the lowest of costs. While these are essential criteria, you need to have other criteria to make a choice. I hope you don’t agree to use the first supposedly cost-effective host you come across. Let me tell you how I would choose a hosting company.

I will begin with finding out if the web host can provide me with a good network speed and ensure maximum availability of my website. Well, these are obvious criteria, aren’t they? I need both speed and availability; one without the other is no good.

Next, I will find out if the host is compatible with my website’s features. If the pages of my website have used PHP and Perl, I cannot use a host who offers Windows server hosting. This again is an obvious criterion.

I will also make sure my bandwidth and disk space requirements are adequately met by the web host. I will also enquire about the number of e-mail accounts I can get. I should have the option for going in for more accounts at a later stage.

I will inquire about the support provided by the hosting company. I will obviously prefer a company who can provide me 24×7 support. This goes on to ensure that it will keep its promise of maximum availability of my website.

As a final step, I may even check with the host’s existing client about their experience with the company. If I have decided on the company, feedback from its clients will help me make the final decision.