How Do You Monitor Your Server?

When your business thrives on your websites, you need to monitor your hosting server properly. How would you find out if your server has been running and providing the support your websites need? In order to ensure that your websites are always available, you have to monitor them closely and provide timely troubleshooting if you notice a problem. How do you go about doing this? You use a server monitoring tool.

Liquid Web’s Sonar Monitoring is probably one of the best monitoring tools in the market. It provides round-the-clock onsite monitoring. It offers proactive system restoration, something you need if you want your servers to operate seamlessly. What’s more is that you can go for additional services like data migration. Here’s what the company has to say about its service:

(from Liquid Web) The Sonar Monitoring team focuses on prevention of, as well as immediate response to, service interruptions, whether they be software, hardware or network-related. With the bulk of service failures being prevented before occurrence, and nearly all remaining service failures being corrected within minutes, the team operates as a persistent proactive manager of client service consistency. The Liquid Web Sonar Monitoring Team has enabled us to provide the industry’s leading 30 minute hardware replacement SLA.

Now, SLA of hardware replacement in 30 minutes suggests that Sonar monitoring offers a high-end service. With fast restorations, Liquid Web’s Sonar promises to be a good bet for server monitoring. Have you used the tool yet? Feel free to share your experience with our readers.