My 2 Year Review of Liquidweb’s Managed Servers

It’s been exactly 2 years now since I first signed up with Liquidweb for a managed dedicated server, and I’m more than satisfied with the level of service they provide. The package I initially purchased was an entry level webmaster series, but I have since upgraded some of the components of the server. The server has functioned flawlessly with very few exceptions to date, although with Liquidweb you get a lot more than just a great server; and that’s what I need to start off with about them – customer service.

I’ve really become disillusioned with customer service in the US over the past 5 years, not just with hosting companies, but with just about everywhere “big business” gets involved. Since web hosting in (in general) is something I deal with every day, I have come to realize that great customer service in that arena could have a significant impact on my sanity.

For my own web server, I decided that customer service and support would be one of the most important factors in who I chose to go with. I had some really bad experiences with web hosting in the past, and I decided that it was worth paying more for high quality service if I had to. So I did the research. I spent a lot of time on forums like, watching what people said, asking questions, and watching companies respond to people’s complaints.

I first looked into Rackspace, but decided that their prices were too high to justify the difference in service. One thing I noticed on WebhostingTalk was that there were very few negative things ever said about Liquidweb. Whenever something remotely negative was said, a Liquidweb rep would respond quickly, offering to take care of whatever the customer service issue was. (As opposed to most companies who either had many complaints, or whose complaints went unanswered).

I made the decision to try Liquidweb based on the lack of negative reviews on the web and their heavy promotion of “heroic support,” which I was desperately in need of. Needless to say, it turned out great. Liquidweb’s support staff is incredible. They answer the phone within a few rings, and they go to any length to solve the problem. Just the other day, Liquidweb support actually logged into a WordPress site on my server and installed a cache plugin to help with some response time issues that particular site was having. At the same time they installed xcache and memcache on the server to help with the problem.

I’ve never had customer service like this before. I don’t need to use them very often, but when I do it provides great peace of mind knowing that they are there for me. It’s like having my own team of experts standing by, ready to go to work when I need them. A “must” for anyone who manages a lot of websites and doesn’t have much time available for digging into every little server issue that comes up.

As far as quality of the server and network go, I’ve been more than satisfied on that end as well. I remember one time when Liquidweb had a really bad DDOS attack. My sites never went down the whole time, even though some friends I knew with them had brief outages. One time I had a problem with a Raid controller and they replaced it within a few minutes. The network has been flawless for me, and the server’s uptime is rock-solid.

To be fair, Liquidweb is not the cheapest place to lease a dedicated server. There are quite a few other managed hosts with cheaper pricing (see The Planet, LayeredTech, Peer1 and SingleHop), but if high quality customer service and support is important to you, Liquidweb is the way to go. The difference in service DOES justify the price difference in this case, unlike with some other companies where the price can be over-inflated because of the service reputation. So give LiquidWeb a shot if you’re in the market for a managed server, it may save you some headaches!