Not All Web Hosting Companies Are Created Equal

When it comes to web hosting companies, buyer beware! Not all companies are on the up and up. But there are different levels of shoddy service.

With some companies you get good technical service and lousy customer service. That’s tolerable if you don’t require customer service very often. Other hosting companies provide great customer service and it’s a good thing because you’re on the phone with them every day. That’s a bit less tolerable, especially if you have a business to run. You shouldn’t need customer service that often anyway. Should you?

Then there are the companies who just can’t get anything right. The service is technically bad and you can’t get anyone on the phone. They have lousy servers that crash more often than they should and the customer service people are the same people maintaining the boxes. Boy, is that irritating.

When it comes to dedicated servers, we have our picks. We recommend the following dedicated server hosting companies and we’re really not all that shy about it (did you expect us to be?):