What Kind of Managed Hosting Support Do You Get?

When it comes to managed hosting, what is your biggest concern? I ask you this because recently, someone else asked me the same thing. If I were to point to one thing, I would say support. The kind of support the hosting company offers you determines how your server/websites perform.

Support is the biggest reason I like Rackspace. In fact, I find their concept of ‘fanatical support’ very appealing. Call me biased (after all, Rackspace is one of our partners) but I really like the fact that they have stressed the support part of managed hosting. Here’s a list of things Rackspace takes pride in.

  • Fanatical Support® For All
  • The World’s Leader in Hosting
  • Global Presence
  • The Safe Hosting Choice
  • A Toolbox of Hosted IT Solutions
  • Experts by Any Definition
  • 100% Network Uptime Guarantee
  • A Greener Way of Doing Business

Now, their promise of 100% uptime is good enough for me, and if they are backing it up with sincere and effective support, I am happy. But what exactly is ‘fanatical support’? Is it just a buzzword to generate interest, or is there any substance in it? Rackspace says their support is fanatical because of the people behind it. Called Rackers, these people are said to be highly skilled professionals who provide you all the support you need to run your servers and websites smoothly.

Rackspace takes pride in focusing on customer needs. People recognize its ‘fanatical support’ instantly. Have you experienced it yet? If yes, do share your feedback with us.