Proactive Support is Better than Reactive Support

The maxim, prevention is better than cure, applies not only to health care but also to the technological tools we use everyday. If, instead of reacting to problems and taking action, we could predict and prevent problems, we would be so better off. With respect to servers, managed hosting is perhaps a way to make the prevention part powerful. Unfortunately, not all service providers have a proactive plan. While some of them provide excellent troubleshooting service and round-the-clock service, the lack of preventive planning makes you look out for something else.

One of the managed hosting services that has understood and adopted proactive planning is The Planet. Its Northstar service provides proactive support unlike other services that are reactive in nature. The Planent describes the service in proud terms:

(Source) …in-depth business and technology planning sessions; systems architecture designed to fit your needs; proactive management and protection of your IT systems for maximum performance; and regular reports and reviews of system health to discover new ways to improve and leverage IT.

The Planet refers to the methodology behind Northstar as Anticipation Advantage. The methodology works in four phases: Assess, Design, Maintain, and Measure.

In the Assess phase, the business requirements are assessed. The implementation and support plans are designed in the Design phase. The Maintain phase deals with monitoring and maintenance. In the Measure phase, the performance is reviewed.

Managed hosting becomes more advantageous when you make it proactive. If you have used Northstar, do share your experience with us.