What Kind of Server Management Are You Going For?

When you go for managed hosting, you want a hosting company who can take care of your server like it is theirs. You are not just looking at professional services but an understanding of what your needs are. Choosing a hosting company that meets all your needs and provides quality service is not an easy task.

When you are looking for a managed service, you want it to focus on your needs and work towards delivering you results. I like Layered Tech’s DEFCON. I am not sure if the term is an acronym for an internally-defined service. Need to ask them.

What I like about DEFCON is its layered approach to server management. It offers five levels of management:

  • DEFCON 1 – Fully Managed
  • DEFCON 2 – Managed
  • DEFCON 3 – Semi-Managed
  • DEFCON 4 – Self-Managed
  • DEFCON 5 – Unmanaged

So, Layered Tech lets you pick the kind of managed hosting you want. It is important that you choose the right level of management at the onset. Though the company allows an upgrade or downgrade, you will not be able to change your choice frequently. The team at Layered Tech can help you make the right decision. Check DEFCON FAQs to get an idea of the service.

If you want to learn more about DEFCON, make sure you use both ‘Layered Tech’ and ‘DEFCON’ to search. Looking up ‘DEFCON’ may take you to the link on hackers’ convention. Do you have any idea what DEFCON stands for? Send in your guesses and we will check with Layered Tech.