What Kind Of Web Hosting Have You Experienced

The term ‘web’ ceased to mean the spider’s web a long time ago. And the emergence of the world wide web saw various types of hosting. You may have already heard about shared hosting and dedicated hosting. In today’s post, we’ll look at the most popular hosting types including these two.

Free Hosting: This is called so because, well, it is free! And yes, it will obviously have its limitations. First, you do not get a domain name of your choice. Second, you have limited space. Third, you have to live with limited bandwidth. The service works best for personal websites that are not looking for high performance.

Shared Hosting: This is something most of you are familiar with. In shared hosting, your website shares servers with several others. Large businesses do not find this service beneficial as it has limitations in bandwidth or space. However, this service works out best for small businesses as it is cost-effective.

Dedicated Hosting: This is what we recommend all the time. In this type of service, a website gets a server dedicated completely to its needs. This lets websites reap optimum benefits of the service.

Managed Hosting: An enhanced model of the dedicated server hosting, the managed server hosting provides support services, thereby relieving companies of the stress of managing their servers.

Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting: This hosting service works best for websites that are not satisfied with shared hosting but cannot go for dedicated server hosting. In this type of hosting, a website gets virtually partitioned servers.

Co-location Hosting: A type of managed hosting, co-location hosting lets you keep your server at the vendor’s location. This helps you manage the server better.

If you have experience more than one type of web hosting, do share your experience with us.