LiquidWeb Coupon

Right now you can save $30 / month if you sign up with LiquidWeb using the banner below:

At Dedicated Server School, we like referring visitors to LiquidWeb because we know they will get the best possible service and support for their money. How sure of this are we? Sure enough that is hosted on a LiquidWeb server that we’ve been using for years. When we call LiquidWeb for support, we get a knowledgeable support person on the line within minutes. We’ve never been put on hold, and they work hard to ensure that our needs get met.

Our LiquidWeb Coupon

The banner above is a virtual “coupon” that ensures $30 off per month in discounts and free upgrades when you sign up for a LiquidWeb account after clicking through from our website. If you aren’t sure that LiquidWeb is the best solution for you, submit a server recommendation request through our website and describe your needs. Usually within 24 hours a representative will get back to you with a recommendation. While LiquidWeb is a preferred partner, we will recommend other providers, even non-partners if they are deemed a best-fit solution.