Link Building Strategies That Actually Work for 2016

SEOSome may tell you link building is dead, but they are wrong. There are still many very effective ways to build your links and gain higher ranking on Google and other search engines.

While methods from two years ago may not work anymore, there are ways to build links today. You do need to keep some factors in mind, such as a content first strategy is important and you want high quality links from related websites. Here are some of the top strategies to help build links successful for 2016.

Find Broken Links

Websites linking to sources often end up with broken links when a source is no longer available or moves to a new URL. If your site fits with the information, you can ask the owner of the website to redirect the links to a functional page on your website. If you have information that fits with the link, you may even be able to get them to swap your link for the broken links.

Have Images Linked Back to You

By performing a Google images service, you can find images on your website being used on other websites. Then, you can contact the owner of the website and ask them to put your website in as the source for all of the images they are using. This is a great way to build links without much work at all.

Provide Great Content

Link BuildingOne of the best and most organic ways to build links for your website is to provide great content. Simply giving your visitors what they want will get you more visitors. Some of those visitors will be blog and website owners looking to link back to your website in their own content. This can prove to be very powerful and provide plenty of natural links over time.

The Skyscraper Technique

Another content creation strategy that works great for building links is called the Skyscraper Technique. This technique includes finding content that gets a ton of traffic and creating even better content. For example, if you find a list of 10 great ways to build links for SEO, you could create a list of 15 or 20.

Use the Right Tools

SEO Link BuildingLink building tools are not dead and can certainly be used to build great links to your website. However, you do need to be selective in the ones you use. Some of the best include:

  • Buzzstream – Great if you have a team around your website.
  • Quicksprout – A great tool for creating better content than another web page.
  • Kerboo – A data intelligence platform giving you plenty of great data for link building.
  • Offsite Metrics – If you want to monitor the use of your images on other websites, this is the tool for you.

There are a few great tools you can still use to help build backlinks. However, they are no longer directly link building tools. Instead, they are tools that will help make your chosen strategy easier.

If you want to build links to your website and increase your overall ranking, these tips and tools will help you. Be careful and make sure you are only using strategies and tools that won’t cause your site harm.