Advantages of Windows Dedicated Servers

In our previous post, we glanced at the advantages of the Linux dedicated server. Today, we’ll look at the benefits its rival, Windows dedicated server, has to offer.

  • Support for .NET technologies: The .NET technology is a software framework developed by Microsoft. Therefore, Windows dedicated server is essential for websites that have been built with .NET technologies. 
  • Support for MS VB, MS Access, and MS SQL: A Windows dedicated server provides support for databases built with Microsoft Access or Microsoft SQL. A Linux server will not be able to provide you with the support for such databases. Windows-based server also provides support for Microsoft Visual Basic.
  • Support for Microsoft web development tools: Microsoft provides some easy-to-use web development tools like FrontPage and Visual Interdev. Only a Windows server can support these tools.
  • Support for Microsoft SharePoint services: For the purposes of information sharing, Microsoft has developed a service platform called SharePoint. The SharePoint services are accessible only through a server that runs the Windows operating system.
  • Convenience for all MS Office services: In spite of Microsoft’s software cost, Microsoft Office files are acceptable universally. If you are looking at acquiring MS Office services on your server, you will have to go for the Windows dedicated server.

If you look at this list of benefits closely, you will realize that they arise from the simple fact that you need a Windows platform to use and run Microsoft services. In spite of being cost-effective, Linux takes a beating in terms of the features it can provide or support. is the industry leader in windows dedicated servers Hosting with more than 15 years industry experience.