Is Mac OS X Good for Servers?

When you think of Mac OS X, you probably tend to think of various iTunes, graphic design, music production and other artsy activities. It is primarily a desktop operating system, but Apple does sell a server add-on for its OS. The question is: Is that server version useful for real-world server operations?

Some of the advantages of OS X server include:

  • Ease of administration – Like many Apple products, it is designed to be relatively easy. It includes graphical administration tools and easy setup of client systems.
  • Low cost – Although it is obviously more expensive than a free Linux distribution, it is still less expensive than Windows Server or a commercial Unix license.
  • Unix strength – Underneath, OS X Server includes many Unix-like tools that give it a surprising amount of power.

Some of the disadvantages are:

  • Not an enterprise OS – Do not expect to easily deploy a cluster of OS X servers. It is not built like an enterprise OS and does not include many of the tools you might want if you were to think big.
  • Hardware – OS X Server supports Apple hardware, which is more costly and difficult to support than alternatives.
  • Vendor lock-in – If you build your server on OS X, you are locked into the hardware and software. As with any proprietary OS, you give up the freedom to easily migrate to something else.

OS X Server has its pros and cons. Ultimately, if have a specialized product involving Apple systems, it might make sense. For web hosting or large scale enterprise, you will probably want to look elsewhere.