When Windows Becomes a Must for Your Server

Computer education, for most people, begins with a hands-on of Windows and MS Office. More often than not, people don’t know about other operating systems for long; some never know. So when it comes to choosing the operating system for their dedicated servers, people tend to go with what they are already familiar with: Windows.

But Windows is expensive and an operating system like Linux, being an open-source software, makes more sense for organizations. Well, not always. Your decision on the server operating system depends on what your needs are.

Now, Linux cannot provide support for the .NET technologies. Since the .NET technology is a software framework developed by Microsoft, Windows works here.

Windows provides support for Microsoft web development tools. Well, that’s obvious. Microsoft provides some easy-to-use web development tools like FrontPage and Visual Interdev. Only a Windows server can support these tools. Windows supports MS VB, MS Access, and MS SQL. Again, this is because they are Microsoft applications.

For the purposes of information sharing, Microsoft has developed a service platform called SharePoint. The SharePoint services are accessible only through a server that runs the Windows operating system.

How can we forget MS Office? If you are looking at acquiring MS Office services on your server, you will have to go for the Windows dedicated server.

You get the point. If you use Microsoft applications, Windows is your best bet as the server operating system.

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