Why Linux is Good for Your Server

Money matters but cannot be the only factor ruling your decision to choose the operating system for your server. Let’s look at the other factors.

If your website(s) needs PHP, MySQL, or Perl, you have to go for Linux. Windows does not offer support for these scripting languages. There you go. A strong, valid reason for choosing Linux.

The operating system also provides support for the mSQL, MySQL, and PostgreSQL databases. This is again something Windows is not really perfect with.

Do you know that the Linux operating system is considered to be more secure for servers in comparison to other websites? The advocates of Linux will vouch for it, of course. But it has been considered really secure and more stable than other operating systems when it comes to servers.

Even if you are not fond of Linux and would like to install Windows on your server, Linux helps. As Linux is cost-effective, you can go for it initially and later move to Windows. This is possible because Linux lets you convert your websites to Windows easily.

Linux is said to be very accommodative of the increasing needs of servers. Its scalability, along from its cost, makes Linux a lucrative option. Talking about cost, let’s look at the most lucrative feature of Linux closely. Being an open-source software, Linux makes good sense. The hosting cost is automatically reduced as Linux asks for no licensing fees.

Let us know what else you find attractive in Linux.