Why Linux Makes Sense in the Server World

Well, Linux makes sense not only in the server world but even in the world outside it. However, the operating system seems to make a little more sense for businesses using servers. How? Read on.

For starters, Linux is open-source, therefore, a cost-effective option for businesses.

If you are thinking cost is the major reason for going for this operating system, you are mistaken. Linux is flexible and convenient in a lot of ways. You can customize it according to your preferences. This is a privilege you won’t get with other operating systems.

Linux has a remarkable presence in the world of web hosting. Linux is used for hosting web servers, network servers, and web-based applications. Linux also serves as a data hub. In fact, it is used as a recovery hub, too. Linux acts as a central portal as well.

Linux is considered stable in the server environment. In terms of security, too, Linux hosting is better than Windows hosting.

The operating system can be used to host e-mail and VoIP applications too.

You may choose Linux just because of its cost but the benefits you reap of the operating system will make you realize its value. However, Linux won’t work for you if your dependence on Microsoft platforms and applications is high. Make sure you understand your requirements well before you choose your operating system.

Have you experienced any problems with Linux as your server’s operating system? How do you find Linux as compared to other operating systems? Do share your views with us.