Why Linux May Be a Better Choice for Your Server

There is one battle that has been on since the world embraced computers and operating systems: the battle between the mighty Windows and the upright and sturdy Linux. Internet forums are flooded with discussions on which one is better. While individuals and organizations have chosen their winners, there hasn’t been any clear winner. Windows work for some while Linux works for others. Now, the focus in today’s post is on Linux. At times, Linux may beat Windows hands down. Wanna know how? Read on.

Yeah, the cost! Linux is open-source. That means, you don’t have to pay to acquire this software. Your investment in choosing it is zero! Yeah, you will have to bear some costs as you use it, but it has been estimated that the overall cost of Linux web hosting is much less than Windows hosting.

Now, while Windows supports everything under the roof of Microsoft, there are certain things that need Linux. Linux hosting supports PHP, MySQL, and Perl. With respect to databases, Linux offers support to the databases created with mSQL, MySQL, and PostgreSQL.

And yeah, there is another area where Linux is considered better than Windows. Linux hosting is said to be more secure that Windows hosting.

As I said earlier, there is no clear winner between Linux and Windows. Your choice of the server’s operating system depends completely on what your website and server needs are. Keep watching this space for more discussions on the ongoing battle between the two popular server operating systems.