Why Windows Works as a Server OS

The other day, a computer-illiterate friend called me and said, “My son is getting an operating system for the home computer. And it’s not Windows and it’s free!” I smiled. During our conversation he wondered why the world wanted to pay for something when there was an alternative available for free. So, folks, I ask you this, and I will talk about operating systems for servers only. Have you ever wondered why you pay and yet go for Windows when you can get Linux for free?

Here are the reasons as I see them.

  • Windows supports .NET technologies. And it is obvious since the .NET technology is a software framework developed by Microsoft.
  • Windows supports MS VB, MS Access, and MS SQL. Again, a Linux server will not be able to provide you with the support for Microssoft Visual Basic or databases created with Microsoft applications.
  • Windows provides support for Microsoft web development tools. How obvious! Microsoft provides some easy-to-use web development tools like FrontPage and Visual Interdev. Only a Windows server can support these tools.
  • Windows provides support for Microsoft SharePoint services. For the purposes of information sharing, Microsoft has developed a service platform called SharePoint. The SharePoint services are accessible only through a server that runs the Windows operating system.
  • Windows is convenient if you use MS Office services. If you are looking at acquiring MS Office services on your server, you will have to go for the Windows dedicated server.

Now, the reasons are pretty clear. Windows is everywhere. You cannot live without it. Hence you need the OS for your server. Wonder if I should send the link of this post to my friend.