Windows Server 2008 – The Latest, But The Greatest?

The latest version of the Windows Server operating system is Windows Server 2008. While Windows has its evangelists, it also has its detractors. Not everyone is enamored of Windows and its server operating system is another product in a line of many that has its friends and its enemies. But should you use it?

While we’d recommend Linux for most server administrators, particularly server operators who are using open source software and developing their own small business servers, there are uses for Windows Server. I would, however, recommend using the latest – Windows Server 2008 – if you’re going to go that route.

The latest generation of software is almost always the best. And Windows Server is no different.

If you are a large corporation with an IT department and a budget for training, Windows Server 2008 can be a product that you can use to build your corporate servers on. Windows has its own team of technical and developer resources that are capable of providing training and handling issues that are beyond your local IT crew. Linux operating system for servers, being that it is open source, is limited in that regard.

Windows Server 2008 is best used by those who are technically trained on the product itself. If you have a crew that is trained to use Windows Server software then it might be a good fit for you.