Windows Server Hosting Vs. Linux Server Hosting

One of the longest running debates in the history of technology has been the Windows vs. Linux debate. You may alienate the advocates of one if you say anything good about the other. However, both have their advantages and disadvantages. The Windows vs. Linux debate in the web and server hosting world has also heated up. Let’s look at what each of them has to offer.

Advantages of Windows Server Hosting

  • As .NET is a software framework by Microsoft, Windows server hosting supports it.
  • The ASP technology can be conveniently used with Windows hosting.
  • Windows server hosting lets you use the web development tools by Microsoft such as Visual Interdev and Microsoft FrontPage.
  • This hosting offers support for Visual Basic, Microsoft Access, and Microsoft SQL.
  • You can use Microsoft Office services in this type of hosting.

Advantages of Linux Server Hosting

  • Since Linux software are open source and come free of cost, you save a considerable amount of money that you would have otherwise spent in acquiring software.
  • Linux server hosting supports PHP, MySQL, and Perl.
  • This hosting offers support for mSQL, MySQL and PostgreSQL databases.
  • Linux hosting is considered more secure that Windows hosting.
  • Overall cost of Linux web hosting is less than that of Windows hosting.

Windows hosting wins over Linux hosting in terms of the advanced features it offers whereas Linux hosting offers a more cost-effective solution. It is easier to move a website hosted on the Linux server to the Windows server than doing it the other way. The choice of web hosting depends completely on what a website needs.