Dedicated Server School to Run Data Center Tour Series

Starting on Monday, July 27,  and running through the end of the week, Dedicated Server School ( will be running a data center tour  series, featuring a daily tour of one of the major US providers of dedicated servers.

New Orleans, LA — Starting on Monday, July 27, 2009, Dedicated Server School will start running its data center tour  series that will feature top US server providers. The series will be unique because it gives visitors a look at the inner workings of some of the top server providers in the US. Participants include such well known names as The Planet, LiquidWeb, & SingleHop.  Each article will contain a wealth of information about each company’s data center, some of which will include pictures and video.

Why are data centers important? Because they are the heart and lungs of the internet. When data centers go down, websites go down, and we’re all affected. Moreover, webmasters spend millions annually leasing web servers, collocating, and hosting websites, so they need to know what types of facilities they are paying for. Recent outages of major US server providers have reinforced the importance of data center management, redundant power and connectivity.

Dedicated Server School is committed to making hosting information more available to the public and keeping up with the latest trends in the server industry. Our Data Center Tour series is a product of that ongoing effort. For more information, visit Dedicated Server School at