Changes Name, Becomes Dedicated Server School

The Dedicated Server Blog ( has changed it’s name and website address, becoming “Dedicated Server School” located at

May 03, 2009 – The Dedicated Server Blog ( launched on March 10, 2009 and has had good success. With staff writers publishing regular content on server and webhosting technology, it has begun its mission of providing free server information to the public.

The idea behind The Dedicated Server Blog was first born when the creator was looking for information on web hosting, in particular, dedicated servers. “There just wasn’t much out there in terms of the blogosphere,” said Chris Hartwell, the owner of inlayout, llc, the founding company behind Dedicated Server School. “That’s why we started, as a way to put out useful information on web server and hosting technologies for the public who is looking for answers to some commonly asked questions. There needs to be a definitive niche blog in place to interact with this market,” said Chris.

The recent aquisition of the domain name “” provided the impetus for changing the blog’s name recently to “Dedicated Server School.” Chris states, “ was decent, but I’m really not comfortable with the domain names yet because there just aren’t enough websites using them right now. I also thought that having a premium .com name would make people realize that we are serious about our website. I think the names will do well in the future, especially since the high registration price will keep spammers at bay, but this will work better for us now.”

“As for the name, there have been a few other highly successful blogs in other markets using ‘school’ as part of their name, and the format is similar to what we’ve chosen, i.e. publishing free informative content. So we’re hoping it will catch on better because the format seems to work well in these other markets.”

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