Rackspace Coupon

rs1601Dedicated Server School has a partnership agreement with Rackspace. Rackspace will aggressively pursue your business with pricing discounts for their premium management. As a visitor of Dedicated Server School, you benefit from our partnership with Rackspace with special discounts and incentives on Managed, Cloud and Email hosting. Contact Rackspace using the form located on our partner page.

To sign up with Rackspace, or speak with a sales rep, visit our partner page: http://www.rackspace.com/partners/solution_partners/index.php?partner_id=186 and submit your contact information.

About Rackspace

Rackspace is one of the World’s premier managed dedicated server providers. While their managed server prices are higher than many other companies’ offerings, their level of support and expertise is generally recognized as the best in the world. Each dedicated server customer is assigned a support manager who is responsible for server updates and security, and there is always 24/7 support even if that manager isn’t on duty.

In almost all cases, we highly recommend Rackspace for dedicated server clients who need top-notch customer service and managed hosting when the budget is there for this level of expertise.

Our Coupon Code

Dedicated Server School became a Rackspace Partner in March of 2009. The coupon code program that was in use prior to 2010 is no longer active, but Rackspace partnership has its benefits, amongst which is the ability to offer our friends and visitors discounts on Rackspace hosting. By contacting their sales team through our partner page, you are eligible for special discounts and incentives on Managed, Cloud and Email hosting.