Can You Make Money As A Reseller?

Most hosting providers offer reseller plans that range from simple referral programs to complete unmanaged dedicated servers.  But just because such plans exist does not mean you can get rich just reselling hosting.  Is it possible at all? How much work should you expect to endure to make a serious business out of it?  These and other questions should be on your mind before you take the steps toward becoming a reseller.

It is possible to make good money being a reseller, but there are a few things you should know:

  • You are not the first, second, or possibly even millionth person to consider reselling hosting plans or server space
  • The market is saturated with full-fledged hosting providers, big commercial companies that offer hosting (think Yahoo and GoDaddy), and tons of other resellers like you
  • Hosting is generally a long term thing for customers, so this should be a decision to take on something rather permanent.

Since there are already so many resellers and major hosting companies, all of which you will compete against, you need some edge or unique quality that will make your hosting stand out.  Many have succeeded at this by focusing on specific software (such as WordPress blogs with pre-designed templates) or specific customer groups (such as non-profit religious organizations in a metropolitan area).  By focusing on a particular market and/or software type, you can hone in on specific advertising and probably get more business.

If you are getting into unmanaged dedicated servers or even something less, you will need to know your way around the technology or have someone who does working for you.  This is a technical field, and it will require some technology knowledge and skills.

It is possible to have a successful reseller business, but it takes extra hard work, marketing savvy, and technical expertise.