Better Server Hosting Network Naming Schemes

It might be fun to name your networked servers something like “hiveship1” and “hiveship2”, but even if you do have some fun with it, you should still make sure you have a good naming system and stick to it. What follows are a few tips for server and network naming.

Hostname (also A record) – This should be a unique name for the machine you want to identify. It does not need to indicate what the machine does or even where it is located, but the physical device (or virtual one) should have the same name. Therefore, the hostname could appear as:


Subdomains or CNAME records should specify more information about the location and purpose of the machines. For example, a development machine located in building C that is mainly for databases, could look like this:

Other CNAME records may be useful solely for the sake of convenience. For example, if you want your billing manager to be easily accessible through a subdomain, you might use:


Your records might look like this:

hiveship1.domain.tld A

sql.prd.buildc.domain.tld CNAME hiveship1.domain.tld

billing CNAME hiveship1.domain.tld

By keeping your naming scheme unified and organized, you avoid the unfortunate scenario where you lose a server or simply have a hard time identifying the servers or virtual machines you have running and connected to a network.