Even More Apache Performance Tips

We are not quite done yet. Here are four more tips for boosting performance on Apache web servers.

1. Use mod_deflate/gzip – Gzip compression makes smaller file sizes for the content you send to client browsers. The browsers then uncompress and display through a seamless deflating process. The result is better server performance and faster results for the client.

2. Disable HostnameLookups – HostnameLookups offers some advantages, such as the ability to ban reverse IP addresses, but beyond that, it is just an expensive process hog that you can probably live without.

3. Enable Persistent Connections with KeepAlive – Using “KeepAlive On” along with KeepAlive Timeout and KeepAliveRequests, you can control how long Apache waits before it assumes there will not be another request. By extending this, you prevent it having to reconnect clients between requests.

4. Enable Symlinks – A simple line: Options +FollowSymlinks -SymLinksIfOwnerMatch can prevent Apache from making an additional call to each file to determine if it is a symlink.