How to Enable Log Analytics in cPanel

Server side logs, pertaining to website traffic and utilization provide you with the most authentic information you can have for your website. These logs differ slightly from Google Analytics or any other third-party analytics for that matter. An external tool like Google Analytics will generate reports after some delay and not in the real time like the server logs.

Moreover, raw server-side logs can reveal a lot more details that are otherwise hidden in third-party tools. Therefore, enabling server side logs for detailed and real time visitor and server data is advised, alongside Google Analytics which serves well for Marketing and Site Design development aspects.

To enable server log analytics in cPanel is simple. Here are the steps –

  1. Open cPanel of your website, by using the link http://www.<YourSiteAddress>/cpanel. Here, replace YourSiteAddress with the address of your website.
  2. Enter your cPanel username and password to logon to the cPanel.
  3. The cPanel Dashboard will be displayed.

  4. On the Dashboard, search for a link named Visitor Statistics, or Server Logs and click on it.

In most cases, popular server side log analyzer, such as Webalizer or AWStats is available and preloaded on the server. The tool opens when you click the Visitor Statistics link. This tool produces usage reports in HTML format and can be easily configured.

You can view these reports in any standard Web browser. They are usually available through a default URL of These reports have graphs as well as numerics to give you a good glimpse into the state of your website.

In case you do not see the Visitor Statistics option, you will need to install AWStats or Webalizer on your website. These tools are available on the Internet for free. If you are not sure about how to install them on your server, it is highly advisable to take help from your server administrator, since any goof up can result in failure and downtime for your website.